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GTID and Pandemic-EBT

Many parents have called or inquired about their students' GTID number as it is needed to complete the Pandemic EBT application.  The district has made your student's GTID number available in ParentVue.  The Communication Division has created a location for parents to reference Pandemic-EBT information easily,  See directions below.

Direction to find Student's GTID:

1) Login to ParentVUE
2) Click on Change My Information
3) Click on Student Information
 4)View the GTID for the student

Download PEBT FAQs _Spanish

Download PEBT FAQs

Download PEBT Georgia Launch Press Release

Download Webinar Q&A Federal Nutrition Programs - 81463045686 - Q&A Report

Free Parenting Class offered by Marietta Roswell Counseling, LLC

As a community service, Marietta Roswell Counseling, LLC is offering a free 2 hour class called parents surviving online schooling to educate them on how to better manage the impact on family life as students transition from in school to virtual learning. 

Marietta Roswell Counseling, LLC presents strategies for parents to use with their students as a means of lessening the stress during this difficult time. The primary focus will be addressing the following topics: 

  1. Process feelings regarding virtual vs in school learning
  2. Developing organizational and time management skills to be successful in managing on-line classes
  3. Communicating expectations and goals for a balanced work/school/home lifestyle  

Thank you,

Marietta-Roswell Counseling, Scott Pennington, Sophie Webster, Debbie Weitz, Sam Hartman