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January 2020

Week 4

Va Comp 

M: Realism

T: Expressionism/Emotionalism

W: VJ 2

H: Aesthetic Theories Kahoot Quiz

F: Aesthetic Theories Project due



M: Value Study

T: VJ 7

W ~ F: Work on Value Study Due Fri, 1/31/20


M: Investigative Research for Project 2

T: Begin final

W: Work on Proj 2 Due on Fri 1/31/20

H: VJ 2 Due

F: Proj 2 Due

Week 3

3rd VA Comp

M: MLK holiday

T: Formalism/VJ 1 due

W:Begin formalism selfie project

H: Realism research/VJ2

F: Value scale & Grid transfer/Begin Realism selfie

4th DPI

M: MLK Holiday

T: VJ 1 

W: India Ink Live sketch of geometric & Organic Form still life

H: Mixed Media value study of still life

F: Close up of still life using at least 2 black and white media


M: MLK Holiday

T: Project 1 Expressionism critique

W: Expressionism Due

H: Begin 2nd project research and sketch

F: Work on Project 2

Week 2:

3rd Block VA Comp


M: elements of art Power point and collage

T: principles of design Power Point and collage

W:Art Criticism ~ Headband Game

H:Drawing from the left

F: All Projects due


4th Block Drawing & Painting I

M: blind contour and mixed media experimentation

T: Gesture drawing & expressive line drawings

W: Value Scales x 4

H: Geometric & organic form value studies

F: All assignments Due today


DP II: Visual journal is due Wed 1/15, first project (Expressive Drawing) Due Tue. 1/21

Happy New Year & Welcome to Visual Arts!


3 Va Comp

M: intro Check Schedule/transcript

T: Review syllabus/ Pretest

W: Pretest

H: Art semester goals & careers in Art

F: Art criticism and headband game


4th DPI & II

M: Intro & Check Schedule/transcript

T: Review syllabus/pretest

W: Pretest ~ DPII will start first project

H: Pretest

F: Pretest Due DPII  Project 1 will due Fri 1/17