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February 2020

Week 7 Who is counting??

3 rd Block VA Comp


M: VJ 7 Principle of Design ~ Balance

T: Review VJ 7 & how to create 2D Balance Design

W: Begin final draft of Symmetrical or Radial Balace

H: Begin Asymmetrical rough draft

F: Begin final draft for Asymmetrical

2 D balance design will be due on Tue. 3/3


4th Block ~ DPI

 M: Contour drawings of a can

T: Value drawings of a can

W: Watercolor and color pencils of a can

H: Peachtree Farmers Market Art Contest

F: Work on art contest


Worked on Project 3 and start Art contest

Week 6

3rd block VA Comp

M: Work on completing Color Wheel Design

T: Work on Completing Color Wheel Design

    review Aesthetic Theories, Art criticism

W: Kahoot Quiz on color theory & aesthetic theory

H: Post test activities

F: Post test activities

4th Block DPI

M ~ W Complete Monochromatic Design

H: Critique

F: final Monochromatic edit


M~T finish Project 2

W Critique

H Start Project 3

F Work on Project 3

Week 5 ~ whose counting?

VA Comp:

M: Color theory

T: Mixing colors

W: Color wheel Design rough draft

H: Final Draft

F: Critique Aesthetic Theories Project



T: Monochromatic Color Scheme color mixing

W: Monochromatic design rough draft

H: Final Draft

F: Begin Painting


project two is Due on Friday, 2/7/2020