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day 16 continue to..

Please scroll down to see instructions on how to use Pixlr, and join Ms. Stein's Remind.

Tomorrow I will post video on drawing the figures with lines and geometric shapes, which is page one of your figure packet. You are welcome to try it first on your own.

Page one of figure drawing looks like this:

Fig pack1


day 15 Pixlr and more

Here is the link to the power point for how to use Pixlr:

pixlr instructions

Va Comp Students please join remind and share your image of inspiration from Friday and this weekend with me via One Drive.

DP I & II:

Join my remind and share your image of inspiration. You also need to use Pixlr to edit and finish your Chiaroscuro or your independent project by tomorrow.

Make sure you share with me via One Drive or email to me at


Day 12 An App for you to try

Please share whatever work you have finished or not via One Drive or

I would like you to join my Remind by texting @gch8824 to 81010

and also try the App Pixlr.

I will create a power point on how to use it or you can view later today or below is an awesome video by Ms.Denison from Kell High School:

pixlr tutorial by Ms. Denison

Here are some of the photos of what I created in just 10 mins:

Pix1 Pix2

Have fun!



Day 11 take a break

Here is what I would like you to do today is to encourage you to explore the internet or your surrounding for inspiration.

Here are the options:

  1. Take a photo of your fridge or favorite room.
  2. Take photo of your outdoor space around your back yard.
  3. Google " modern artists", go to the website of your favorite artist from that search. screen shot of one of the artwork you find inspiring.
  4. Go to :  visit the high museum of art in atlanta , and find an click on an art period to find your favorite art/artist. I suggest you click on one art period at a time or you might be overwhelmed and find nothing.After you find the image/inspiration, take a screen shot/photo then share with me via One Drive Here is one of my favorites:

Ms.Stein's fav

Fav art


Find an art/creative app and make an image on it , screen shot it and share with on One Drive

Day 9 putting it all together

VA Comp:

Today's tutorial is step by step photos of putting all the facial features together on the face using the grid:

Blank face1 Face grid

Step 1

Face step1

Step 2:

Start with basic shapes and lines to draw the features.

Face step 2


Step 3:

Add more details to form your features.

Face step 3

Step 4: Face step 4

Step 5: congrats you are done for today!

Face step 6



Day 8 going strong

Good Morning!

I really appreciated the art works that were shared last week. Please keep sending them to me. I will be creating an online gallery on my blog shortly.


3rd Block


Here is your link:

diff views of lips

4th Block


If you have a "finished" Chiaroscuro, please upload to One Drive or email the photo of it to me I will make suggestions on it for you to edit and re-upload and submit again.


I really would love for you to take a photo of your on going progress of your current project and share it with me. 

Stay well & strong. 

Happy creating!