Day 31

Good Morning!

Please work on the figures. Friendly reminder tomorrow I will have a Zoom " Check in" tomorrow from 11:00 am - Noon. I will send out the code via synergy, and Remind.

Stay well, and be safe!

Ms. Stein

Day 30

I am not posting anything new today. I would like you to try completing the figure drawing and adding any details with color. you can do this by using any medium ( art materials ) you have or Pixlr. Please share your end result with me by Tue, 4/21. I will start entering these as a grade by Tue. 4/27. You can also redo and resubmit anything you did not complete by Tue 4/21.

Hope all is well!

Day 29

Good morning all!

You can try editing your figure drawings before Spring break:

here is the before picture:

Fig drw edit 1

Erase extra lines from the image, then it should look like this:

Fig drw ed 2

Finally, you can go over all the kept lines with pen or sharpie:

Fig drw ed 3


day 16 continue to..

Please scroll down to see instructions on how to use Pixlr, and join Ms. Stein's Remind.

Tomorrow I will post video on drawing the figures with lines and geometric shapes, which is page one of your figure packet. You are welcome to try it first on your own.

Page one of figure drawing looks like this:

Fig pack1


day 15 Pixlr and more

Here is the link to the power point for how to use Pixlr:

pixlr instructions

Va Comp Students please join remind and share your image of inspiration from Friday and this weekend with me via One Drive.

DP I & II:

Join my remind and share your image of inspiration. You also need to use Pixlr to edit and finish your Chiaroscuro or your independent project by tomorrow.

Make sure you share with me via One Drive or email to me at